SharePoint 2013 Wizard of Oz

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” – L. Frank Baum

Moving forward on our quest to begin migrating from SP2010 to  SP 2013, I think we may all be off to see the wizard indeed!

There are many great resources available for learning about what is happening with SharePoint 2013.  Mostly I would say that overall if you had access to SharePoint Designer, it appears that you probably need to consider looking into a obtaining a test envirnoment by way of a VM and installing Visual Studio 2012. 

This of course is pertaining to customizing and creating highly funtional business solutions.

Quick Notes from Module 3:

SP2013 Dev Tools  [Ted Pattison]
Module 3

What’s New?
10 Farm Solution & Sandbox Solutions
13 Creating Apps – Main investment concentrating on making apps.

SP13  Apps
-Functinality add to VS12
All CSOM made available through REST
New Security Model created based on OAuth

VS12 | App vs. Solutions Development
Dialog Box | 2 Models
1. Apps for SharePoint
2. Classic SharePoint Solution

1.a Apps for SharePoint |  Development | .APP
Standalone apps that provide specific configuration info and functional components so a SP site.

How to add – Coporate Catalog or Marketplace
Hosting models;
 – Lighter App = hosted inside SP (HTML/Java)
 – Cloud Hosted App = Windows Azure

2.a Classic SharePoint Solution |  Development | .WSP
    [.WSP – Windows SharePoint Services Solution Packages]
Small to large scale packages that are used to customize or augment SP sites in some way.

Farm Solutions
-Test Site
-Configure & Debug as either Farm or Sandbox

Solution Deployment [vs_solutions.txt | cd]

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