The Plateau Effect

What is the Plateau Effect and how can I relate this to SharePoint 2013?

As it so happens, I’m very new to SlideShare and just recently started looking at how I might use this new tool for my toolbox in preparing for demos and such.  This was as a result of the wonderful follow-up tweet from Michael Greene as he provided a link to his slides that were used at the May 7th North Carolina Triangle SPUG demo on Branding Best Bets.

This morning I checked my email and stumbled across a slideshare slide deck called “The Plateau Effect.”  As I proceeded through, I was intrigued in how this was going to provide me with a way to get from stuck to success?  Then I reached slide#15  “Anything You Want To Do Better” and it started to make sense!

“The Plateau Effect shows you why the world is full of one-hit-wonders, why all good things come to an end, why all trends eventually fall, why most people get less for more, and how you can break through, again and again.”

What does this mean in SharePoint terms?  It means that depending on your role with SharePoint, it’s up to us to figure out how this platform can work for you as a consultant or your business. 

We hear and read about how in some cases SharePoint doesn’t have a high adoption rate and that it falls through the cracks.  I say we take charge and find new ways to challenge ourselves and educate on what is possible.  That is how we will break through again and again.

There are wonderful resources out there to help us through these struggles.  Just this morning I read through the free book I received at the Vegas Microsoft SP2013 by Asif Rehmani.  This is a wonderful way to engage the power users for a quick dive into new features of SharePoint 2013. 

SP2013 Book

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 | First Look for Power Users

Additionally, you might want to consider putting together 2-3 minute video clips of these features for your end-users, IT Pros.  Put these into a central SharePoint location such as a library, (oops….I mean APP) so they can get a quick preview prior to testing.

I certainly don’t want to be considered a one-hit wonder nor have what I consider an awesome product come to end due to my lack of finding ways to break through with great solutions!

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