Information Management Policy Settings

I recently started using the “Information Management Policy Settings” on a custom list in SharePoint 2010.  My goal was to not use the content type, but instead use the Change Source feature and just scope the Library.  Needless to say, due to a workflow error, I ended up with a big scary error message on the page when I attempted to go back into the “Information Management Policy Settings” Change Source hyperlink.

After hours of research, for some odd reason I finally decided to drill down into SharePoint Designer 2010 to see if I could access  toit this way.  Much to my surprise, I found an .xml file  that I was able to delete and it clear the error.  Note that I did export out the .xml file before I deleted it.

Here are the steps to achieve this: 1. Access the SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer 2. Navigation Pane:  All Files ~ Locate the List ~ Forms  | You will find a RetentionPolicy.xml file.  Delete the file and the problem will be resolved.

Based on how long it took me to figure this out, if this even helps one other person, it will be worth the time it took to type this basic post.

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