Business Connectivity Services [BCS]

In the SharePoint Dev Center, Module 10 outlines the BSC changes in SharePoint 2013.  These videos do a fabulous job of outlining the infastructure tied to how to connect to Line of Business (LOB) data, along with describing to use the Enternal Content Types and External Lists to acheive this.  If you missed this in SharePoint 2010, you definetly don’t want to miss this in SharePoint 2013. 

This is a way to extend your SharePoint platform beyond what most people understand about the product.  It allows SharePoint to be a host and access data from other systems and locations.  One way to look at this is to evaluate OData, which is a big part of how this operates.

Here are is outline for the following four videos:

1. SharePoint 2013 BCS and OData services overview
2. App-level external content types for SharePoint 2013
3. SharePoint 2013 custom event receivers
4. SharePoint 2013 custom event receivers (demo)

*Dev Note:  Visual Studio 2013 is required for various operations.

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