Business Intelligence


What’s new in BI?

Excel Services and Business Intelligence Center

*Improvement to Excel BI
 -Power View add-in for Excel
 -Pivot Charts w/o PivotTables [decoupled]

*Excel services
  -Improved support for data exploration
   Drill down to, Quick Explore
   Customizable Slicers [customize reports]
   Enhanced timelines controls
   Field list/field well support for PivotTables and Pivot Charts 

[Better Support]
    More options when publishing workflows

New template for the BI Center
-Manage reports, scorecards, dashboards, and data sources

Migrate dashboards to other sites and site collections
Enhanced filters and enhanced search [droll down narrowly]
Mobiltiy View Performance Point [windows 8 tablets and iPads]

*Visio Services
Users can add comments to drawings**
Maximum cahe size setting implemented
-Default size 5120 MB
-Service parameter in CA Visio Graphics Services setting
 -New SharePoint Health Analyzer rules

**Adobe Acrobat – you do there commenting right in

SharePoint now.

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