Deprecated Features

SharePoint 2013 Deprecated Features

SharePoint 2013 Deprecated Features

Features deprecated in SharePoint 2013
Definition: Existing site supported now, but not in next version:

Visual Upgrade
Document Workspace site template
Personalization Site site template
Meeting Workspace site template [5]
   >Basic Meeting Workspace
   >Blank Meeting Workspace
   >Decision Meeting Workspace
   >Social Meeting Workspace
  >Multiple Meeting Workspace
Group Work site and Group Work solution
Visio Process Repository site template
Unghosting and customizing CSS files
Imaging Web service
Excel Services [Can’t edit workbooks in the browser that have external data connections]
Web Analytics in SharePoint Server 2010
Organization Profiles

SharePoint Server 2010 deprecated search features

Diacritic sensitivity element in the thesaurus
Replacement mode within the thesaurus
Search Query web service
Search RSS and search from Windows
Custom word breaker dictionaries
Customization of stemming in the registry
SharePoint Search SQL syntax
Shallow search refiners

FAST Search Server 2010

FAST Search database connector
FAST Search Lotus Notes connector
FAST Search web crawler
FAST Query Language (FQL) deprecated features
URL Query syntax
Specific search scope filters
Offensive content filtering
Substring search
Person names and location extractions
Number of custom entity extractors
Supported document formats
Content processing extensibility
Custom XML item processing
Adding a test item to the index 

Video |  [Currently providing a 7 day free trial.]
Technet | Changes from SP2010 to SP2013

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