Promoted Results

Promoting a Result with query rules

Have you ever used Google to search only to find out your spelt the word wrong?  You typically would see a message such as;   did you mean …”?

How can I achieve something like this in SharePoint 2013?

Keywords and Best Bets!
*New Features include query rules.

Query Rules
Take a word and match it to a variety of circumstances.
e.g.  type a word in such as;  watch, see, video, etc. 

We can take them to asset libraries.

How to do this?
Settings/Site Settings/top level settings
“Search Querty Rules” – whole collection

At a site level
Settings/Site Settings/Query Rules

Rule Name
Direct to Sport Asset Library
Query Conditions
*Query matches key words exactly
Enter in the keywords such as;
sport video, sport movies

Action:  Add a promoted result
Title – [Name of Library]
URL – Add the URL of the library.

*SP2010 | If you did keywords and best bets into SharePoint 2010, it will roll over to query rules.


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