Social Networking

What’s New with Social Networking

Newsfeeds Page

My Site
-Newsfeeds |  About Me | Blog | App| Task

Who am I following?
You need to engage in some newsfeed actions.
This will start filling in Following | Everyone | Mentions

This will start the process of networking within SharePoint


Following people, documents and sites

*Select people | enter their name
~e.g.; such as your Manager, Director and VP
Once you’ve done this, notice now they are all added.  Using the elipse, you can look at what other conversations they have had.

Following – You will now see what they are posting about.

What about Documents?
Go to a document library for example.  Follow the library and it shows.

What about a specific document?
You can follow a particular document as well?  Select follow and it’s added.

What about following Sites?
Go to the site and follow it from the upper right hand corner.


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